Works in Progress #1

Do you like to be kept abreast? Of course you do. The purpose of these “Works in Progress” entries is to do just that and to let you know that your friends (and enemies) at 3 Minute Hero Industries are busily working on new songs and bad ideas. You will hear from those of us working on songs as well as those of us who do the recording. You will also hear from anybody you want to, provided you ask the right question. That being said — ask us questions. Here are some lyrical snippets from the libretto of the mysterious “Project X.” What does those that even mean? This is from a song called “Brown Flamingos.” Gross.

Permanent flip-flop tan lines are a sign that you’re doing something right.

Your screws are not too loose; your screws are not too tight.

Don’t be mad at me because I figured it out — I don’t want to fight.

A lot of my songs have the word “flip-flop” in them, which leads me to believe that I have spent an inordinate amount of time this past decade looking &/or thinking about my feet and my choice of footwear. This is a welcome diversion as most of the songs I write are either about food or animals (sometimes, when serendipity intervenes, the songs are about food AND animals). Speaking of food, I had a dream that I was on a pontoon boat wearing a fur coat, and eating tapioca that was coming out of a beer keg. That dream was much better than the one I keep having about the millipedes. That’s another song for another night. Where was I? Here’s a snippet from the bridge of a song called “Firefly.” It’s about Our Hero who falls in love with an(other) arsonist and his all-consuming worry that she won’t love him if he gives up his life of matches and gasoline.

Jumbo jet whispers and thunder lizard serenades

And other things that chase away the blues —

Like sitting on my couch watching “Dog the Bounty Hunter,”

Just trying to get through February — without pills and booze

While remembering that the second best revenge is living well.

Just after torching his Escalade and telling his kids that he can burn.

In hell.

Well isn’t that a happy slice? Would you like some ice cream with that? Thank you and have a lovely evening.



All of this particular material is copyrighted ©2011 Jeff Nelson