A behind the scenes look at the making of Happy Annie

For many years the trials and tribulations of 3 Minute Hero were both known and unknown. Will the band continue? Will the winds of change blow the sands of time into a winter of discontent? Will the skin rashes from many a “monkey bump” ever fade away?

It actually doesn’t really matter and has nothing to do with the video. This Happy Annie video started out as a joke — mostly a joke. Then it became funnier. Then funnier still and then finally at last, it wasn’t funny. It was dumb but then that made it funny again.

The End

-B Ryce

*B Ryce would like to thank the following persons of being a person or not a person for their contributions(generally and specifically)
OS X Lion
Harold Gray
Aileen Quinn

F MINUS: 7 Stunning Bits of Production Trivia

1. Did you know that if you took all of the cigarettes that were smoked during the recording and production of “F MINUS” and lined them up that they would reach…nowhere! Because nobody in 3 Minute Hero would ever do something so icky as smoke a cigarette.

2. “Little Dog” was actually a song that was made up to remember the opening “Winter of discontent” soliloquy in “Richard III,” but was later changed when I discovered that not even Shakespeare can compete with the sudden realization that a Chihuahua is trying to talk to me. Through the TV screen.

3. Does the following quotation refer to Jonathon’s beard or the mighty Musk Ox?

“The outer hairs, called guard hairs, cover a second, shorter undercoat that provides additional insulation in winter. This undercoat falls out when temperatures climb at winter’s end.”

If you said, “both,” you are correct.

4. Jay is pretty much the German Lenny Kravitz.

5. Keyboardist Dan Frost once had a personal valet named Dan Arlig and bass player Dan Arlig once had a scullery maid named Dan Frost. Believe it, or not!

6. I truly and honestly don’t remember what the song “Happy” is about, but Paul and I laughed so hard at the end of it that I may have disrupted abdominal scar tissue from stomach surgery I had four years ago. So that laughter you hear at the end is completely genuine and is now causing me continuous, low-grade pain. The things we do for art.

7. As a horn section, we recorded everything on the album in precisely one take. It took maybe 42 minutes. Tops. Eric, having foreseen this utter mastery, brought along all of the ingredients and equipment to make miniature creme brulees for all who were present. Bryce crafted delightful little spun sugar birds’ nests for the top of each dessert. It was the perfect end to a magical evening.