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Jumbo-Jet Whispers & Thunder-Lizard Serenades


Join us as we foist upon the world our sprawling...our epic...our gargantuan triple album.

And that's the sentence we chose to introduce you to Jumbo-Jet Whispers & Thunder-Lizard Serenades, an album 17 (17!) years in the making and bursting with 21 (21!) interrelated songs.

This album is a culmination of everything we have done up until right -- wait for it --- right NOW. There's still the seed of 3 Minute Hero, from back when we would stampede through this nation's midsection from club to club, playing our upbeat sweaty horn rock to fans who shared our affinity for songs about monkeys, food, and bad decisions. But there's also the mighty oak that 3 Minute Hero has grown into. Bad analogy. If we're sticking with tree imagery, we've actually grown into something more like a gnarled, somewhat stunted jack pine. Anyway. The big, juicy rhythm section is still here and the horns are hornier than ever. But now we've got something only time can confer: No, silly. Not wisdom. Baggage. But what glorious baggage it is!