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Join us as we foist upon the world our sprawling…our epic…our gargantuan triple album and stream-of-consciousness board game.

F-Minus: Uncollected Works

1. Overture (From “Leviticus!: The Musical”)
2. Happy
3. So Strange
4. Hook / Hole
5. Love Special
6. Las Vegas
7. Woman on the Street
8. Little Dog
9. Epilogue: Cone of Shame

Bryce Blilie: Trumpet
Dan Arlig: Bass
Paul Gronert: saxamaphones
Jayder Kalk: guitar, vocals, bass on #’s 3,5, & 9
Eric Johnson: trombone
Dan Frost: piano, keyboards
Jonathon TeBeest: drums, percussion
Jeff Nelson: 2nd trombone, lead vocals

Everybody sang at some point, except Dan Frost, which is a crime because he has the voice of an angel. Old Man Bob and Amanda Hosek sang too. Did you hear them? Listen again. Dan Arlig and Dan Frost appear courtesy of Art/verbiage/umbrage by Jeff.

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Jonathon TeBeest at Uncle Johnny’s Homestead. Additional engineering & guidance by Rob Graff III. Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering.

This album brought to you by the hardworking men, women and children of 3 Minute Hero records.

Operation Brown Star

1. Robot Factory
2. Spies
3. Too Much Wine
4. Rubber Room
5. Spider Monkey Pt 1
6. Spider Monkey Pt 2 (Live)
7. Valentine’s Day (Live)
8. Julie Loves a Blender (Live)
9. Girls (Live)
10. I’m so Happy (Live)
11. Wish I Was Single (Live)
12. Jelly Donut (Live)

Customer Reviews

How did these guys slip under the radar?
by monkey von spider

I found this album by accident and it may be the happiest accident ever. Solid album from top to bottom. Love Spider Monkey. The first half of the album is studio and the second half is live.

by Restinkulator

I remember seeing these guys at the Fine Line in Minneapolis so many years ago. What a great live show! This album captures that energy and adds some great studio live tracks too. I especially like the horn driven awesomeness of Robot Factory. GET IT!